2021 is going to be better for everyone.

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2021 is going to be better for everyone.

On our last update we had the sad news of having to stop our clothing range due to the effects of Covid-19. However we manged to find a new supplier and they have been great! We now have some of t-shirts back up and ready to order at a great price of £18.99. Lots of colours and pocket print t-shirts available which are all original designs by Andi.


The company who now supply our apparel and printing is Prodigi, see here for their eco sustainability approach https://www.prodigi.com/sustainability/

Talking about sustainability, we are making our own goals and targets on this. First of all is to reduce our plastic consumption. Our jewellery and accessories packaging will now not contain any plastic like it used to. I will write another blog in the next few weeks which is committed to our sustainability approach and the changes we are looking to make this year and going forward.

If you have not recently noticed, resin craft has been our lockdown obsession.  Our brand new resin homeware is now available. All our resin products are handmade in house by Shama and she has an exciting new range coming up very soon. https://www.dollandbone.com/collections/resin-homewares

We have been amazed with the feedback and sales of the new resin trays and can't wait to bring a whole variety of new ones out to you all. We also have new resin Vanity trays coming that provide a great homeware gift piece that has multiple uses be they make up trays, stationery caddies or as a versatile accessory for desks and dressing tables.

Covid-19 has obviously affected us all as families and individuals and also had such an effect on all businesses be they indies like ourselves or high street brands. There have been times I personally have wanted to give up, but the fact that this is my hobby and the enjoyment I get from doing Doll & Bone has kept me going. I feel for all the small businesses out there but I encourage you all to persevere. I always urge people to shop small just a little bit more, even if it's just a small quirky "pick me up" gift or a grand gesture for your Nana's 80th birthday. It actually makes a persons day when a sale pings through.

Here are some businesses that I definitely recommend having a look at this year. These include friends, businesses I've tried in 2020 or some that I personally just love.

Leicester based artist and now friend. Megan Sawbridge is a talented artist who I had the pleasure to meet at the pop-up art market at the Leicester River Festival. She is currently undertaking an MA at DMU. Keep up with her and her art over on her social media.


Sheffield based alternative clothing store. We met these guys on social media and they have some great gear available at great costs. They always show support to a lot of smart independent UK companies - us included - and we can't thank them enough for their community ethos.


Handmade jewellery from Leicester. Handmade by my talented friend Elizabeth Dyer. Lizzy is the reason I got really into jewellery making and selling my products and i'll always thank her for introducing me into the craft. She has some amazing jewellery pieces which also make great gifts too!


Leicester based bakery who exploded into the Leicester scene in 2020. Amazing flavours, pastries and cakes from the awesome Bitsy. Based in the culturally significant underground art hub of the East Midlands at Frog Island, Leicester.


I used this etsy shop to buy my friend Lizzy, some stationery gifts as I know this is her thing. The stuff is definitely for those into kawaii gear and stationery nerds. Her feedback was great so we highly recommend.


This is a Birmingham based business I used to buy my friend a wedding gift to cheer her up after lockdown attempted to ruin her wedding. She absolutely loved the glasses that were personalised. Also did I mention this is owned by an old school friend.


Science nerd lovers apply here. I bought my university technician a little thank you gift from here and she was sooo happy with it. I got jealous myself and will soon be making a purchase to buy myself some more goodies.


We are striving to bring you a lot more blogs during 2021, and we are pushing forward with a lot of ideas bubbling away waiting for release, so keep popping back for updates and please reach out with any questions or queries.

Until next time, take care, stay safe, protect David Attenborough (at all costs).

Shama & Andi



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