Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity Range

Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity Range

We are proud to announce our new project in association with Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Doll&Bone have collaborated with six amazing guest artists and designers to bring to life a variety of designs based around ideas presented by their 7 year old son Connor.

Birmingham Children’s Hospital treated Connor for meningitis 6 years ago. He was rushed in, put in an induced coma for 5 days and kept in for a further 2 weeks to recover. Needless to say that, without their quick intervention and exceptional care, Connor would not be here today.

Connor brought the ideas to us with the entire brief, stating his desire to help Birmingham Children's Hospital raise money and also work alongside his dad on his own project for Doll&Bone.

Connor's ideas bring to life an array of pop culture, children's TV and movie characters in weird, wacky and wonderful situations, with the idea of proceeds from all sales to go directly to the BCH charity - an organisation close to Connor's heart.

We are incredibly proud to be working alongside Birmingham Children's Hospital and are excited to see Connor's ideas brought to life by these quality and visually-stunning artists. and see how the idea brief has been interpreted and transposed to design.

Connor has always been incredibly selfless and charitable. We are so proud of him for coming up with this idea and working so hard with us to make this happen. Every design that came back had to be run by him to make sure it was perfect! We are also truly overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of everyone who has taken part and contributed their time and skill towards such a fantastic cause.

The Birmingham Children’s Hospital range will be available from from Friday 29th September 2017.

We'd like to say a huge thank you to everybody who has helped make this range a possibility by donating their time and expertise:

Alice Blenkinsop - Product photographer

Cheska Cutts - Model/Designer of the Pikachu design
Instagram: @stormesaga

Tom Jones - Model and location provider
Instagram: @propsskatestore

Anthony Watts - Designer of the Hammerhead Shark and Koi Carp designs
Instagram: @blackbriar.apparel

Andi James Chamberlin - Designer of the Hot Air Balloon design and writer of the press release

Vridhi Goyal - Designer of the King Kong vs Godzilla Playing Chess design

Amy Garner - Designer of the Jumanji and Velociraptor on a Unicycle designs
Instagram: @amykate_illustrates

Ashton Hinton - Designer of the Monster Comic Strip design, BCH Balloon design and brought colour to all the designs
Instagram: @hint_of_art33

PrintPit UK Limited - Manufacturer of products


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