D&B and the Coronavirus Crisis - An Update.

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D&B and the Coronavirus Crisis - An Update.

Hello Everyone.
Seven weeks of quarantine and we are tired. I can't imagine how you guys feel. But we are tired.

This present situation has thrown a lot of problems into the air, and we have been busy as bees trying to fix each and everyone of them...

Whether it is supplier's going on hiatus during the crisis and us losing a supply chain for a large amount of our stock, or Suppliers charging customers custom charges which we were never warned about, or having to completely overhaul our Apparel line to make sure that we can meet demand with a new supplier and printer.

We have learned a lot.

And, of course, we understand that these problems are trivial when compared to the changes and problems that are being met in the real world.

The epic job that the NHS and Keyworkers are undertaking to meet this horrific disease head on. The demands that this has put on working families and individuals, children, students, teachers, sanitation workers, supermarket workers and sundry other people - it has really highlighted the brilliant spirit of the country (as cringey as it sounds when politicians bleet this insincerely, it really is true.)

The way that the virus has effected us here at D&B is subtle, but does have a small knock on to you the customer.
With the change of suppliers of our shirts and apparel - it has meant we have had to momentarily discontinued certain items in the store. It also means that we have a slight delay on apparel orders coming out to you. The orders may take five or six extra days to get to you in UK orders (longer in certain circumstances) and we really wanted to apologise for this - but hope that you understand that this is a symptom of the situation, rather than a desire on ours or our suppliers part.

Any jewellery orders should be with you within 3-4 working days as normal, as we ship these direct from our office. So if you order Apparel and Jewellery in a single order please note that shirts and apparel will be sent separately and will take a little longer. (in some instances recently it has taken up to four weeks for an order to fulfill. This is a long time to wait, but given the circumstances, we really hope you understand!)

Despite this, we have new designs and more jewellery going online weekly, and we are readying a full new Summer Collection soon.
So keep your eyes peeled!

Most importantly we hope that all of you - our beloved, loyal, brilliant customers - are keeping safe and happy despite all the craziness, and are keeping your spirits up and finding exciting, creative ways to keep yourselves entertained.
Please do tag us in any posts to show us what you are up too, and maybe we will choose some favorites for a potential giveaway a little nearer summer.

Thank you all for your continued support, and your custom, keep your chins up and know that it will get better soon.

Look after yourselves, and stay awesome.

Big love.



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