Doll&Bone Apparel... An Update.

Hello All,
Further to our earlier blog on the Coronavirus and our apparel orders, we have some bad - but temporary - news.

Due to ongoing issues with our supplier and printers we have had to remove all apparel for the foreseeable future until a new partner can be located and set up.

If you have ordered from us recently (over the last 5/6 months) you will have noticed that our shirts have taken a little longer to get out to you than would be normal. We have been very reluctant to continue the sale of shirts and apparel in the present crisis, and having had conversations with our printers we were assured delays were going to be short and well maintained, and customers would be kept updated with where their orders were at all times.

Sadly... This has not been the case.
Orders have been taking longer and longer. Communication has been more sporadic and customers are waiting longer and longer.

Now. If you have ordered from us - rest assured your shirts are on the way, we apologise wholeheartedly for the delays and we are sorry that this is affecting your satisfaction as customers of Doll&Bone.

We are working hard to resolve the problem, find a new supplier and printer, and be back to our best with a whole range of new designs and new ideas soon.
Keep an eye on your email if you have an order outstanding - as we will be contacting customers directly with updates and some discount codes.

Otherwise... We hope all of you are doing well despite 2020 spiralling into all sorts of new crazy directions, and we hope you keep checking back and get your mitts on the new designs once we are back to full strength.

Take care, and stay golden!




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