Let’s talk packaging and the environment... 

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Let’s talk packaging and the environment... 

Here at Doll&Bone we try our best to be as eco-friendly as possible and over the last year or so we have been slowly but surely reducing all our dependency on single use plastics, both in our choice of suppliers and through reducing our own use of it in our product packaging.

Though we cannot always guarantee how our suppliers operate, we do make sure to use ethical companies wherever possible - and we are proud to say that in-house we have now officially finished with plastic in all our customer orders. The last bits have gone and have now been replaced with glassine instead.

Glassine is a biodegradable material made from pure pine wood cellulose
 and has a lot less impact on the world than plastic. You can easily drop it in your recycling bin when you have finished with it and be safe in the knowledge that it has a no negative effect on the environment. You can also be proud that your own use of single-use plastics is being reduced too.

All our orders come with little extra’s such as stickers and we have add to these with some new save the planet stickers which have been purchased from a small business (see the business card in the pictures) - you can expect to see these in packages going forward, to gently remind you all to try and recycle and make whatever little contributions you are able to, to help toward reducing harmful plastic use and slow the environmental impact.

With our packaging we also like to make our own jewellery backing cards with card that can be recycled, and wherever possible, comes from sustainable forests. We have started to make sure that any packaging that our stock comes in is also broken down for recycling - and you can do this too with our own packaging. Remember to peel off any labels such as the postage label as some times sticker adhesives are not recyclable (though we are researching how we can change this and hope to be 100% renewable and environmentally ethical in the future). 

Alongside our end of plastic use, we have made sure that anything that is sent direct from Doll&Bone will be recyclable - from our glassine bags, our cardboard box parcels, or our flyers and business cards - though - some people like keeping these, we know we do!

We know there is a way to go before all companies can turn to renewable and ethically sourced materials for packaging - but we are proud that we have made a start and we will keep trying to make our system 100% green in whatever ways we are able too.
In the meantime we hope this is a great start. 

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