It's that mushy time of year again when you get to show your luuuurve. Whether it's for your boo, your besties or yourself, we've handpicked the best gifts to dish out this year.


1. Valfré Heartbreaker Confessions 3D iPhone case

Everybody knows Valfré and her cute and quirky phone cases, but this one takes the Valentine's biscuit (or chocolate-covered strawberry?). Absolutely adorable!

Get yours here.

Valfre Heartbreaker Phone Case


2. Doll&Bone Dopamine and Serotonin necklaces and rings

The Dopamine and Serotonin necklaces have been bestsellers since we introduced them for Valentine's 2016, but recently we've brought in the matching Dopamine and Serotonin rings. You've loved these so far so we're pretty certain that they'll make fab V-Day gifts.

Get your Dopamine necklace here and your Dopamine ring here.
Get your Serotonin necklace here and your Serotonin ring here.


3. Doll&Bone Babygirl choker

For a cute gift that doesn't break the bank, the Babygirl choker is perfect! At only £1.99 in the sale, you can show your boo that they're your 'babygirl' and still have money left over to buy them a pizza. Perfect.


4. Pretty Suds Love Sack

You can't often go wrong with Bath Bombs for V-Day, or any day for that matter, but no fizzy goodies are quite as fab as Pretty Suds'. This collection features three bath bombs: Madame, Dark Opium and Alien. You even get the option to have them popped in a bag ready to hand over (or stash away for yourself cos they're just too good to resist!).

Get yours here.


5. Doll&Bone Geobear tote bag

This one's perfect if you've already bought (almost) all of your gifts. Pop all of the goodies you've purchased in this cute little tote bag so even the gift wrap is a gift! Gifts within gifts. Who could resist?!


6. Dollskill Won't U Be Mine dress

For those of you who don't know the word subtlety, Dollskill have sorted you out with this jaw-dropping dress that both/all of you can enjoy. And, of course, Dollskill have plenty of extras for when only more is more.


7. Personalised M&M's

Chocolate is the go-to gift for Valentine's but why not add that personal touch by writing all the filthy things you want to do to them on it. I'm just kidding, write their name or something...


8. Doll&Bone Basic Hoodies

Snug up with your boo, your bestie or yourself in your basic hoodie as you scoff down all those M&M's you just bought. Or be sick-in-your-mouth cute and get matching hoodies. Awwwwwwwww.


9. Doll&Bone Twilight watch

Let your inner Ja Rule flow by letting em know that you're always there when they call and you're always on time. Our Twilight watch has been a bestseller since we first introduced it so you can guarantee you'll get some serious thanking for it.


10. Brick or Potato

Still not sure what to buy? Then go all out with this super romantic and seriously thoughtful gift. Not only can you choose from a brick or a potato to send to your loved one, you can now send them a lovely aubergine as well! You can even get em gift wrapped.


Let us know if you choose to treat yo'self or yo'significant other with any of these sweet treats in the comments below!



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