Doll&Bone was established in 2015 in Rotherham, UK by founders Lauren & Will
with nothing more than £40, maternity leave and an idea to pass the time.  It quickly became popular for its quality alternative fashion accessories and pop-culture clothing twinned with their strong community and charity spirit
and independent DIY ethos that helped to establish a unique reputation.

In 2018 Doll&Bone merged with Shama Llama Arts from Leicester, bringing Andi and Shama into the fold. Combining a variety of new homemade crafts with top quality alternative jewellery and fashion along with a bold new direction in original design.

Doll&Bone are now a recognised name in the alternative clothing and fashion community, with a constantly evolving image and an ever-expanding range of unique, quality products at affordable prices. Our products are inspired by pop culture, street fashion, Y2K, sassy women and music (with an occasional sprinkle of sass and humour) and range from jewellery and accessories to homeware and art prints.

As an independent store, we strive to create a community around our brand. This is why when we have any work that cannot be done in-house, we outsource that work to friends, family or local independent businesses. Our promoters are made up of bands, models and fashion bloggers who we are lucky to call our friends.

If you would like to be a part of our community and be featured on our social media, please contact us on info@dollandbone.com.

Doll&Bone. Independent. Fashion. Community.