ONE MAN AND HIS DOGMA by Andi James Chamberlain (Paperback)

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The debut novel of Leicester based writer (and D&B co-owner!) Andi James Chamberlain.

James is a widowed husband and bereaved father to a wife and child tragically lost in childbirth. Struggling to come to terms with life after his loss, James is unaware that figures from myth, religion and legend are after him to become their new figurehead in a cosmic game of Chess now approaching its grand finale.

A story that unfolds over five distinct timelines, involving Gods, Devils, The Riders of The Apocalypse and an entire cast of creatures from Myth and Scripture, alongside a man who has lost everything and just wants to be left with his loneliness and loss.

This is an epic story of Love, Loss, Retribution and Tea.
... Lots and lots of Tea.

All copies are signed by the author.


"A deep, metaphysical and surprisingly touching novel..."

"...witty, engaging funny and sad in equal measures. With obvious nods to Terry Pratchett I think you will find One Man and his Dogma an excellent read."
- Amazon Customer

"...If you want something that will feed your imagination and raise all sorts of questions about God, the Universe and the meaning of life then this is for you! Deep, funny, fast paced and intricate I cannot fault it."
- A.Keyte