Resin Keepsake Boxes

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These Resin Boxes are completely handmade and designed by Doll&Bone.

They are made from a high quality resin which creates a crystal clear, high gloss finish. The resin is then dyed with inks or alcohol pigments and sometimes a little glitter.

Perfect accessory to any home to hold all the keepsakes, jewellery or little bits you don't want to lose.

Add a statement to your dressing table or home.

They make great gifts either as a housewarming present or to add a home-crafted style to any room.

Approx Size:

Heart: 7.5cm x 4cm
Hexagon: 8.5cm x 4cm

* Please note that resin can sometimes have air bubbles and small imperfections (even though we try our best to avoid these). We think this sometimes add to the character and uniqueness of each one that is made.

* Colours may vary

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